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We Want to Help You Increase Your Equity

Have you ever thought about how you could build your wealth at retirement? Lisa Treu of Treu Group Real Estate knows how to solve that problem. 

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Hi, it's Lisa Treu, and I want to introduce a new tool to you that can help you build wealth. Now that's exciting, right?

I heard an interesting statistic recently, and that is 83% of all people's wealth at retirement comes from their home equity. Wow, that really surprised me. I actually thought that there would have been more than 17% for the typical person coming from IRAs or stocks or other modes of investment. So if that is true, I wanted to see how I can help those that I care about, our great past clients and our future clients. I wanted to see how we could help you grow your equity.

You deserve it. You deserve more money at retirement. We have come up with a great tool that we want to make available to you. It's free, and I promise you it's valuable. People that are receiving the reports are opening this report at a very high rate. Why? Because it's information that you control and that you can use. You can use to make great decisions. What type of control will you have? Well, it's not your typical Zestimate. I mean, who needs that? Who needs a guess? This is more than what your home is worth, even though it does start with that. It's about how do you have more equity.

So, you have tips on how to pay down your mortgage, how to pay it down faster. You'll have tips on when is it time to maybe refinance. How much cash you could take out. What to do with that cash. Maybe what happens if you buy an investment property with that equity. Or maybe you want to Airbnb your property. What are the going rates? Now there's a lot of ways to build wealth, and your equity is one of them. For 83% of your wealth, isn't it worth spending a little bit of time?

Now maybe you're a buyer and you're saying, "Well what about me? Is there just nothing for me either?" Well, of course, there is. First of all, Treu Group Real Estate offers you a direct MLSB. What does that mean to you? Well, it means you get real information in real time. You see if a home is for sale or under contract, so you know about it when we know about it. Now let's say you're thinking about buying, but you're not exactly sure of where or what makes sense. I have a tool for you too as a buyer. You're going to be able to compare information. So, if you're a seller, it's really easy. You're going to click on the link, complete the information, and every month get a report. Spend some time. Click around. Make some plans. If you're a buyer, just email me and say, "I would like all of the information that you have," or give me a call and I'll help you get it set up. It's nice and easy.

So, whether you're looking to buy or sell today, or whatever, Treu Group Real Estate is here for you. We've been selling since 1989, and we'll be here for decades to come. We're your real estate resource, not just the person who's selling you a home. Now, heads up, stay tuned. Make sure you see other videos because I'm going to be sharing with you other ways you can pay down that mortgage in 2019. So, I look forward to being here for you to help you build your wealth. (561) 352-3056.