What to Do When You Inherit A Property

What are the five challenging questions people who unexpectedly inherit a property? Allow Lisa Treu of the Treu Group Real Estate to offer you solutions.

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When you inherit a property, there can be challenges and additional stress. It is already a hard time of life due to the loss of a loved one and then you add on the decisions that need to be addressed and it can be too much. There are five challenges that most people face when they're in this position. We've had many people call us, not sure what to do, and we're here to make it super easy for you.

The first thing we're going to help you do is to find out what is the best option for you. Do you want to sell it? Is it best to rent it? Or maybe you're thinking about keeping it and enjoying it. Now you've decided to sell it, oh boy, that's the big part, right? So, now that you've done that, you're wondering, what do I do with all of mom or dads things? Well, there's going to be, obviously, some things that maybe family members want. But what about the rest of it? We have people thinking they're going to have to spend week after week clearing out the house and yet, that doesn't have to happen, especially if you're not local, If you're out of State, taking time off from work, or away from your family. We have the resources to help you go ahead and clean out that house, so it's ready for sale.

What if you need repairs? That's another challenge. Who do you trust? Treu Group Real Estate has trusted people and we can handle all those details for you. We want to offer you results and solutions, to simplify your life, so you can deal with what's important, the emotions and issues with your family during this time. That's really what matters, right?

So let us, Treu Group Real Estate, come along your family and make this an easy transition for you. You can reach us at 561-352-3056.  We're here for you. Reach out, pick up the phone and let us help. Thanks and talk to you soon.